What a wonderful show last night. In the seven years of The Heritage Ranch Concert Series, you have topped all previous
performers. Comments by the audience after the show were enthusiastic.
You kept this audience of senior citizens glued to their seats for one hour and forty minutes. That’s a first.
– Paul Woods
Chairman Heritage Ranch Concert Committee, Dallas, TX

Rebecca Lowe shines as Lucy, the proverbial prostitute with a golden heart. Lowe gives Lucy a quiet and forceful gentility that shimmers beneath her sensual exterior. And that’s a sexy exterior as she proves in "Bring on the Men." Her power ballad "A New Life" is soaringly delivered. 
Her (Emma’s) duet with Lowe, "In His Eyes," is the showstopper of the evening.
– Showmag.com
Jekyll & Hyde, The Musical, Los Angeles, CA (Fullerton C.L.O.)

Rebecca Lowe was amazingWonderful beautiful talented voice, with a great personality to go with it.  
She only had one show that night, and I'm glad we didn't miss it. 
Literally brought tears to my eyes during a couple songs. 

It was just the right length –  good selection of familiar music.
She was fantastic, both the country and show tunes. Her “Argentina” stopped the show.
A great standing ovation and lots of “Bravos” from the audience!
They’d be welcomed back without hesitation! We loved ‘em in Sheboygan.
– Sheboygan, WI Concert Series Presenter

Adorable, personable, friendly, fun, exciting and refreshing!
– Newton, IA Concert Series Presenter

Rebecca's voice is wonderful. The variety of selections is amazing in the emotions they evoke. 
The CD has been playing nonstop in my computer for several days, 
as I work away on things I'd rather not be doing (did someone say 'taxes'?) 
I want more, please!
M.L. Olson - cdbaby.com


... As for Rebecca, her vocals have the power to wash away the dust of everyday life from a person's soul. She sings of 
redoubtable courage and optimism. This was never more apparent than in her renderings of "Memory” from Cats and 
"Don't Cry for Me, Argentina", the signature song of Evita. 
Their message of indomitable courage brought explosive applause from the audience
– Christine Wiese 
Rosemary Clausen Center for the Performing Arts, Holstein, IA

I put this CD in my car 10 days ago, and haven't changed it. 
Rebecca has an incredible voice - her vocal range and the variety of music genres is phenomenal. I can't wait until her next CD or DVD come out. 
She is awesome. My husband and I are her newest #1 fans.  
I'm waiting for her to have a concert near CT, so we can see her perform again. She is the BEST!!!! 
Dawn Erikson - cdbaby.com 


Rebecca and Kuba were a beautiful couple whose love for each other and their passion for music was definitely
displayed throughout their performance. An ideal treat on a small-town theatre stage.
– Lisbon, ND Concert Series Presenter

“The most intriguing was Kuba and Rebecca Lowe -- a Polish-born vibraphonist and his partner/wife vocalist from Texas -- whose combination of percussion talents (including the theremin -- look that one up!) and powerful vocals were really pretty terrific.”
– cpilant, CruiseCritic.com

"What a marvelous evening. Rebecca and Kuba were wonderful. 
Two remarkably gifted musicians with personalities to match. 
If you have the opportunity to hear and see these two perform - do so! They leave you wanting more.  
From Broadway melodies to classical, they do it all, and in a way that is so intimate, 
it's as though they're talking to you personally. Their concert was over way too soon."
– Gene Miller
Algona Upper Des Moines Newspaper

"We first saw Kuba Kawnik and Rebecca Lowe on our cruise to Hawaii. ... Wonderful entertainers.
– JudeeJim, CruiseCritic.com